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1. What happens if I don't pay?
Road users will be invoiced in a similar fashion to an ordinary request for payment from any service provider. In the event of non-payment of toll, debt collection fees will be added to the toll tariff and a debt collection process and/or a prosecution process will commence.

Problem: Non-payment of tolls will be considered a traffic offense under the law. Road users won't be able to renew their driving and vehicle licenses as long as they have unpaid toll fees outstanding.

2. What measures are in place to secure my bank details if I get the e-tag?
E tags require you to give credit card or bank account details- like giving permission for bank account details.

Problem: The system has no proven history of being able to handle this administrative process.

Problem: There has also been no public disclosure of the systems that will be used to ensure data security and integrity.

3. What if someone is using my number plate illegally?
Problem: Estimates are that 10 - 20% of number plates are illegal.

Problem: If someone is illegally using a licence plate registered under your name, then you will be charged for it. As it stands, there has been no recourse indicated to the public as to what a motorist could do in this situation.

4. What do I do If I am charged incorrectly?
Problem: As it stands there is no apparent recourse for a motorist who is incorrectly charged.

Problem: If the motorist has an e-tag, the tolling bureaucracy will have unrestricted access to debit your account, and mistakes are inevitable. It is entirely conceivable that, just as with the municipal billing crisis in Johannesburg, motorists may find themselves charged huge amounts of money and no way to claim the money back.


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