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10 Reasons to
Stop the
Toll Roads
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1. Higher prices - it will hurt everybody as it will push up prices of everything transported on the highways, including food on which the poor are most dependent.

2. Jobs lost - it will push up the costs of business, so companies will lay off workers or even move out of Gauteng.

3. Local roads will suffer - many motorists will use municipal roads instead, increasing congestion and pushing up rates to pay for their maintenance.

4. No public transport alternative – not enough attention has been paid to convenient, fast and cheap public transport in Gauteng.

5. Little public consultation – these tolls were decided without real public consultation.

6. Expensive and complicated e-tolling system – this system costs almost as much as the highways (R14 billion), and there will probably be lots of fraud and billing problems.

7. A tax on tax – it is outrageous to pay 14% VAT on tolls which are a form of tax.

8. Car rental firms will be hit – the average car renter will pay an extra R32 a day, which will hit tourism.

9. No transparency – much information on costs is still being kept secret, including the terms of the controversial e-tolling contract with a foreign company.

10. One tax too many
– it's enough, everything is going up and this is one tax too many!

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